JSC “UMCC” News:
Dimitri Kalandadze: Ukrainian titanium will forever disconnect Western dependence on the Russian Federation
Date: 26.07.2023
UMCC expands partnerships with the Czech business community.
Date: 19.07.2023
UMCC Titanium resumes production at IMPP branch
Date: 06.07.2023
International partners and donors: Ukraine has every chance to become an important center for the supply of critical minerals to the West.
Date: 03.07.2023
UMCC Titanium has paid more than 6.6 million UAH in dividends for the FY 2022
Date: 03.07.2023
US and European companies are displaying an active interest in long-term cooperation with UMCC Titanium
Date: 16.06.2023
UMCC Titanium’s “VMMP” branch surpassed its May 2023 production plan
Date: 02.06.2023
Paving the way for an accelerated relaunch of the Irshansk Mining and Processing Plant
Date: 24.05.2023
Dimitri Kalandadze: “increasing the resource base is an important factor for the successful privatization of UMCC TITANIUM by a Western investor.”
Date: 23.05.2023
UMCC TITANIUM and USAID cooperate to improve the Company’s anti-corruption compliance
Date: 22.05.2023
UMCC TITANIUM’s ilmenite concentrate is sold exclusively under direct contracts to North America and Europe
Date: 19.05.2023
“Ukraine has every chance to become a full member of the global titanium production club”, – Dimitri Kalandadze
Date: 17.05.2023
UMCC offers for sell Ilmenite concentrate
Date: 27.10.2021
UMCC received a 20-year prolongation of the special permit for the use of subsoil
Date: 21.10.2021
UMCC offers for sell Ilmenite concentrate
Date: 14.09.2021