UMCC TITANIUM and USAID cooperate to improve the Company’s anti-corruption compliance

Transparency and strengthening of the anti-corruption component is one of the key tasks for UMCC TITANIUM.

Thus, at the moment, UMCC TITANIUM is undergoing an assessment of Anti-corruption Compliance within the framework of the USAID project “Supporting organizations-leaders in combating corruption in Ukraine VzayemoDiya”

The methodology involved will allow to determine the current level of development of the Company’s anti-corruption compliance system.

“If we want a Western-style company that operates according to global standards, it is necessary to prevent any corruption risks. We hope for a productive cooperation with USAID in the implementation of effective anti-corruption practices,” said Dimitri Kalandadze, Deputry Chairman at UMCC TITANIUM.

Upon completion of all procedures, USAID specialists will submit a report and provide recommendations for improvement and development of the Anti-corruption Compliance system to UMCC TITANIUM