International partners and donors: Ukraine has every chance to become an important center for the supply of critical minerals to the West.

UMCC Titanium was represented in the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2023 in London by Board Member Yegor Perelygin. Mr. Perelygin took part in the official panel “Natural resources: extraction and processing of critical minerals,” representing both the company and the Ukrainian titanium industry and its many opportunities.

Mr. Perelygin emphasized the fact that UMCC Titanium is an ideal platform for European and North American partners for ensuring a stable supply of titanium mineral concentrates (a vital feedstock for the titanium processing industry). An accent was made on the strategic importance of diversification from Russian titanium products for the Western world.

UMCC Titanium was presented with an emphasis on the need to advance “downstream” the value chain. Mr. Perelygin highlighted the fact that the current management team is on course to unlock new paths for development of the state-owned company, looking at opportunities, and at the CAPEX required, to enter segments of titanium slag and pigment production. In the overall discussion of attracting foreign investments, the messages delivered by UMCC Titanium resonated very well.

It is the synergetic effect of joining Ukrainian titanium mining and processing capabilities with the support of strategic partners and donors that can push the Ukrainian titanium industry forward, to a qualitatively whole new level. Support from western partners can open up long-term possibilities for cooperation and supply chain security. At the same time, such developments can help shift Ukraine away from the cliché of a “raw materials producer” to a status of a country with strong processing capabilities and top-class production standards for end-products.