Dimitri Kalandadze: Ukrainian titanium will forever disconnect Western dependence on the Russian Federation

At present, there is a global battle for dominance in the critical minerals market, and we are witnessing the collapse of the old system. Russia will have no place in the new global system. It’s a whole new economic frontline for the Western World against the aggressive Russian regime.

According to Dimitri Kalandadze, Board Member of UMCC Titanium, Ukraine has a unique window of opportunity. Ukraine is basically a catalyst for changes on the global titanium map. Being relegated to a producer of raw materials (feedstock) is not an option for Ukraine. The Ukrainian titanium industry has to be set on a course to produce TiO2 pigments (95% of global ilmenite feedstock usage) and titanium metal alloys (5% of global ilmenite feedstock usage).

The industry’s successful transition on the value chain depends on a substantial expansion of the existing resource base, access to new markets and new offtakers, implementation of new technologies and innovations, and access to long-term capital.

“A new chapter in World History is being written right now, and our main goal is Ukraine’s presence in global markets as a strong and reliable player. I am sure that by the year 2030, the Russian Federation will disappear from the global titanium map and a new strong player will appear in its place – Ukraine! We will win this front!” – summarized Dimitri Kalandadze.