Dimitri Kalandadze: “increasing the resource base is an important factor for the successful privatization of UMCC TITANIUM by a Western investor.”

A Western strategic investor is the best solution for Ukraine. For UMCC TITANIUM, this is a chance for a “second life” that will pave the way for the eventual modernization of the entire sector, which has one of the highest capital intensity rates.

An important task is to solve the issue of the resource base. According to Board Member Dimitri Kalandadze, the new top management team, together with the State Property Fund of Ukraine, has already formulated the Company’s Development Strategy, which identifies the necessary mineral deposits that could be acquired or assimilated to increase the UMCC TITANIUM resource base. This will provide the potential investor with the required security to develop further processing capabilities and introduce new technologies without suffering the risks of resource depletion.

As a result of these measures, the company will receive long-term financing, modern technologies and systemic end-use buyers (offtakers), the Ukrainian state will receive regular tax income to strengthen defense capabilities and an economic contribution to the country’s recovery.